“How to participate in MetaPlay IDOs”

  • About an hour before the start of the Pre-sale, the Telegram group would be muted so that MetaPlay would be able to provide further details and updates to the community in an orderly fashion, give orders and make everything clear and smooth. Once the time for the allocated time has arrived, make sure to visit Play-Pad page to access the pool.
  • Your Tier placement.
  • Min-max allocation.
  • Details on the project.
  • Countdown for closing.
  • Buy token button to purchase.
  • If anyone loses their current tier status by selling or unstaking $MPLAY tokens it will result in disqualification from IDO, meaning that IDO tokens purchased will no longer be sent to that users wallet & they will forfeit their contribution funds.
  • Anyone who has already sold & lost their tiers can buy back those tokens and re-obtain their tier in order to be considered eligible for IDO token distribution
  • After the contribution you will receive the tokens by bulksender.
  • After the succesful end of the IDO the project will be listed on the particular DEX afterwards in stated time!
  • Tiers have guaranteed allocation.
  • Buy your MPLAY for the dedicated tier before the SS date that is included in the pre-IDO medium.
  • Viewing your tokens after purchase of the IDO



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E-Sport and gaming is all the way intertwined with crypto world. Yet there was no such a unique vision as MetaPlay aims to connect the dots in between.