MetaPlay Launchpad (Updated)

#1 Introduction

To the moon with MetaPlay IDOs!

MetaPlay will be hosting its own IDOs via MetaPlay. Projects for the IDOs will be carefully selected whilst looking at factors like doxxed teams, background, utility, long term sustainability, product development, estabilishment, uniqueness and growth mindset. The main niche we are looking for is GameFi, NFTs and other projects backed by the actual trend that will come into our Pad. We aim to bring MetaPlay community innovative experience with secured outcome.

Tier system:

Platinum : Stake 2000 Points of MPLAY

  • 20x multiplier allocation*

Gold : Stake 1000 Points of MPLAY

  • 10x multiplier allocation*

Silver : Stake 400Points of MPLAY

  • 4x multiplier allocation*

Bronze : Stake 100 Points of MPLAY

  • 1x multiplier allocation*

Users below Bronze tier will be approaching the public presale via whitelisting process without guaranteed allocation.

*Multiplier refers to the specific needs of each project launching via our PlayPad. Therefore the starting mcap.

For example if multiplier is 1 BNB than guaranteed allocation is:

Bronze = 1BNB, Silver = 4BNB, Gold = 10BNB, Platinum= 20BNB

Tier calculation method and how to check your tier:
To check your tier kindly head to the app of MetaPlay and click on “my tier” addon to check your current tier:



> 2000 = PLATINUM

> 1000 => GOLD

>400 => SILVER

>100 => BRONZE


  1. Stake the desired amount of MPLAY on our website
  2. Stake before the SS time for the particular IDO.
  3. Staking rules applies the same just like with casual staking, therefore the rule of 30 days staking lock period is applied.

For the more detailed rules and description of staking, please follow:

The IDO projects itself will be thoroughly described in advantage before the IDO itself, users with tiers will get allocation guaranteed as an incentive to reward early adopters with great profits and exciting experience with the launched projects itself whilst intertwining communities, usecases and ideas into one.

Your MetaPlay team!



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E-Sport and gaming is all the way intertwined with crypto world. Yet there was no such a unique vision as MetaPlay aims to connect the dots in between.