Huge upgrade for the Golden players …

PolyPlay team decided to change the nature of the tier system. This can be seen as a vital upgrade for the “Golden players” making the Golden tier wanted and exclusive.

6% from each IDO earnings on the PlayPad platform will be distributed EVENLY across all Golden tier holders! Therefore it is possible to take advantage and EACH wallet will be paid with BUSD airdrop.


Raise $300,000
6% Redistributed = $18,000
210 Tier 1 wallets = $85.71 per wallet paid

6 IDOs in October at $300,000 raise = $514 earned VIA airdrop

Isnt it beautiful to earn just from the IDO raising itself ?

Achieving Golden tier holding is now viewed as highly privileged and its benefits will be seen from the next IDOs that are going to take a place on PlayPad. What are you waiting for the Golden rewards awaits now!

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Your PolyPlay team

E-Sport and gaming is all the way intertwined with crypto world. Yet there was no such a unique vision as PolyPlay aims to connect the dots in between.