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Virtual Reality, Blockchain and NFT technology…

“What is the Project Metamall?”

MetaMall is the combination of Virtual Reality, Blockchain and NFT technology where a virtual Skyscraper Shopping mall will be created and sold as NFTs to buyers. The mall will be designed with architectural excellence and deliver an immersive experience to visitors via cutting edge VR technology.

More than just a virtual experience, the MetaMall project is built on the Solana blockchain network, and will feature native token MALL where users can buy virtual real estate and earn money by leasing, staking, advertising and developing the real estate based on choice.


  • Own
  • Build
  • Lease
  • Stake

The MetaMall

The MetaMall is a VR Shopping, Lifestyle and Experience Zone that converts everyday tasks like shopping, socializing, and business interactions into an immersive experience powered by VR technology.

It features separate zones for commercial properties to set up, shops showrooms, and business interactions, while experience and lifestyle experiences like Casinos, Clubs, VR games and Diners and NFT art galleries etc.

Property owners can buy properties according to their vision & develop their properties for customised VR experiences in collaboration with VR developers.

Penthouses & Gaming

The MetaMall will feature highly exclusive and limited units in the form of penthouses. The penthouse are exclusive MetaMall VR experiences and dedicated zone to position 18+ games like casino, gambling and betting.

Tokenomics and token distribution

#1 Where to buy?
#2 Date Details
IDO Start Date: 22th Dec 2021 17:00 UTC
IDO Finish Date: 23th December 14:00 UTC
Wallet ScreenShot (SS) Date: TBA
Start Time for ALL TIERS:
22th December 17:00- 23th December 05:00 UTC
Whitelist round: 23th December 05:00–8:00 UTC
FCFS round: 23th December 11:00–14:00 UTC
Whitelist Form Link : TBA
Listing Date : TBA

#3 What is the purchase amount of the tiers?


GOLD : Min: TBA Max: TBA



**Tier owners have the right to purchase warranty. They can only purchase once.

**Purchase amounts will be determined after receiving the Screen Shot (SS) of the wallets.

#4 Which token will the purchase be made with?


#5 Price Details

Fund token amount: $200,000

IDO Price : 1MALL $ = 0,004 $ BUSD

Listing Price : 1MALL $= 0,004 $ BUSD

MainNet Network : SOL

#6 Which DEXs or CEXs will it be listed on


#7 How do I get tokens in my wallet?

Tokens will be automatically sent to your wallets via bulksender.

#8 How will the token vesting be?

10% TGE then 15% following months

#9 Is there a TAX in transactions?

There are no transaction fees.

How to use network Solana?

STEP 1: Getting started with Solana

New to the Solana Blockchain? Not to worry, there’s a few ways to get started.
Creating a new Solana Wallet
To be enabled to participate in IDO on Solana: First, get a Solana Wallet. As future listing shall be done on Raydium there are currently a handful of wallets compatible with the Dapp:

Sollet is one of the most common and easy to use Solana wallet at the moment. To create a Sollet wallet, simply visit and you’ll be presented with the following:

Please do store the seed phase as how you normally will, Click on “I have saved these words in a safe place” -> Continue ->follow further on screen instructions to include a password and you’re all set up with your new Sollet. Sollet is currently a web-based extension, hence there’s no further requirement to download or install any extensions, mobile(Chrome) and PC usage would be fairly similar, with wallet approvals coming in the form of pop-ups/new windows. PC Users may also opt to install a browser extension for Sollet(this is purely optional).

STEP 2: Maintaining SOL in your Solana wallet

Similar to ETH on the Ethereum network, and BNB on the Binance Smart Chain, SOL is required on the Solana Mainnet to be utilized as gas for all transactions.
SOL is currently available on major Exchanges like Binance, OKEx, Bitfinex and Serum. Due to the extremely low transaction fees on Solana, users would only need to buy a small amount of SOL and send them to Sollet for use.


For the current IDO, raising will be conducted on BSC. But tokens will be released to the user’s corresponding Solana wallet.
For the MetaPlay team to track your Solana-BSC wallet address, Users will be required to update their Solana address on the Metasol Link BSC (

Paste it onto BSC Link on ;

Important Note: Please ensure you correctly match your Solana and BSC wallet addresses. Otherwise it may lead to loss of tokens




E-Sport and gaming is all the way intertwined with crypto world. Yet there was no such a unique vision as MetaPlay aims to connect the dots in between.