Better than Babycake ? Rewards, NFTs and Gaming…


Baby Alpaca is the brand of our native token $BALPAC, a new generation auto-yield reward dividend contract powered by the Binance Smart Chain. Holders receive rewards/dividends as $ALPACA.

Contract contains an auto-claim according to holdings. This means that you do not have to do anything to receive redistribution of the $ALPACA directly to your wallet. Simply purchase $BALPAC tokens and every hour receive a $ALPACA redistribution which increases accordingly with trade volume. The amount of $BALPAC tokens you hold will therefore not change. (You must hold a minimum of 500,000 $BABYALPACA to be eligible for the $ALPACA redistribution rewards).

Baby Alpaca will launch multiple games which yield rewards. Community members will be able to compete against each other and have a chance to earn ALPACA tokens.


  • Trade volume game


Baby Alpaca will launch five types of NFTs:

  • Collectable Exhibition NFTs


  • 5% $ALPACA is redistributed to holders

All those reward collected in game wallet is going to be used for game reward allocation. So people who will play games win the reward in ALPACA token and can cash it out anytime without hurting the project current price!

Price and initial market cap

Launch Supply: 3 200 000 $BALPAC
IDO Price on PlayPad: $ 0.00006875
Listing Price: $ 0.00007
Initial Market Cap (Listing Price * Supply at Launch): $225 000

Tier System for the IDO on the 11th September






Your PolyPlay team!

E-Sport and gaming is all the way intertwined with crypto world. Yet there was no such a unique vision as PolyPlay aims to connect the dots in between.